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Winning in digital marketing requires creativity and strategy – Mendel Cohen, CEO at Krafted Digital

Krafted Digital is a Miami-based Digital and Growth Marketing Firm that we are excited tofeature in our newest blog. As a tech school focused on giving real digital marketing skills toaspiring individuals, we strongly believe that the key to success is for the students to meet theplayers on the market where they wish to pursue […]
Interview with Mendel Cohen, CEO at a digital marketing agency

Krafted Digital is a Miami-based Digital and Growth Marketing Firm that we are excited to
feature in our newest blog. As a tech school focused on giving real digital marketing skills to
aspiring individuals, we strongly believe that the key to success is for the students to meet the
players on the market where they wish to pursue a career after graduating the Digital Marketing

In our newest edition we interview founders and CMO’s who are already living their dream
career in the field of digital marketing.

Mendel Cohen is a CEO and Founder of Krafted Digital. He also sits on the Executive board of
Fast Company and he is always on the lookout for new additions to his marketing team.

Lack of Marketing Firms Inspired Me to Start My Own

Creative Hub: Hi Mendel, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us. First of all, can
you tell us a little bit about you? How did you choose a career in digital marketing? What is your

Mendel: Of course. Well to start, my name is Mendel Cohen. I’m the CEO of Krafted Digital, a Miami Based
Digital Agency
that focuses on being a growth and marketing partner to companies and brands. I got
my start in this industry working for a couple of marketing agencies. Being in the business made me
realize there was a lack of marketing firms that focused on building omnichannel campaigns for
brands while consulting on the full ‘buyer’s journey’ and overall marketing cycle. That’s what
stemmed the formation of Krafted Digital. The idea was to build a firm that serves as a full-service
agency that can cover all the bases, while additionally being a marketing partner to the clients we
work with.

Challenges In Building a Successful Digital Marketing Agency

Creative Hub: What is the biggest challenge that you encountered as a founder of a Digital Marketing

Mendel: Scaling. Growing as an agency is challenging, and many agencies struggle during the scaling phase. When your business volume increases, it’s crucial to expand and enhance your team simultaneously
to maintain the quality of work. Often, agencies grow faster than their team can manage, leading to
an overwhelming number of projects and a decline in the attention each project receives, resulting in
decreased performance. Aligning your fulfillment capabilities with your project pipeline is essential
for an agency continuously taking on new business.

3 Essential Skills For Junior Digital Marketer

Creative Hub: When we spoke you said that you are always hiring great talent. What are the 3 skills
that you are looking for in a junior digital marketer ?


  1. Strong understanding of Data – Data and marketing should be seen as partners. Being able to
    properly analyze and read data provides crucial direction on how to optimize and refine your
    marketing efforts. Having the proper clarity behind your campaigns is key.
  1. Funnel Building – Without proper funnel architecture, even the best ad buying and creative
    won’t make it very far. The ability to structure funnels that lead consumers down a specific
    path to your conversion goals is a great skill that over the years has become a necessity for
    achieving desirable results.
  2. Strategy – The fundamentals of strategy can be taught to anyone, but how you use those
    fundamentals to design a unique strategy is totally in the marketer’s hands. Strategy
    development is what defines a marketer’s skill, and what separates great marketers from
    mediocre marketers.

How To Impress a Digital Marketing Leader as a Junior Marketer

Creative Hub: Many students that will read this blog, will probably be interested to know, how can a
junior marketer impress you so that you hire them to work for you?

Mendel: The first thing I and I’m sure anyone hiring in this space look for is effort. That doesn’t apply
specifically to marketing jobs, but any job. When hiring at Krafted Digital, effort and determination is
examined prior to any marketing skills. Secondly, it’s always great to see marketers who are finding
unique ways to implement AI tools in their work. There are lots of cool ways marketers can use AI as
sort of a marketing assistant. Lastly – Creativity. Creativity will become more important as AI takes
over the tedious and analysis work marketers have been doing throughout the years. In fact, winning
in marketing today relies mainly on the creativity and strategy behind campaigns, so make sure to
always do your best to think outside the box.

Navigating the Unique Challenges of Marketing New Inventions

Creative Hub: What is a particular project that you are extremely proud that you have done with your

Mendel: It’s challenging to pick just one project we’re most proud of because we’ve had many successes.
However, we take particular pride in past marketing projects for new inventions. These projects are
especially challenging because there’s no existing competition to use as a reference or case study.
This requires more extensive strategy development, research, and testing, making it a more complex
puzzle to solve. Fortunately, our talented team has consistently cracked the code, successfully
marketing numerous inventions that have achieved great success.

Expert Advice for Career Changers Seeking a Path into Digital Marketing

Creative Hub: What is your advice for career changers and people who want to start a career in
digital marketing?

Mendel: There’s one piece of advice I like to always give to marketers. Whether they’ve been in the business or just starting out, and that is: Always stay updated.

Marketing is constantly changing, and the methods we used five years ago are quite different from
the methods we use today. One example is how reels and UGC content have totally taken over when
just a few years ago those types of ads were rarely used. Keep yourself up to date with the newest
channels and tactics. A great way to do this is to join marketing communities. There are a number of
public slack channels with many marketers constantly sharing their experiences and analyses on
new trends. Twitter/X is also a great spot to keep yourself updated on the latest updates, as long as
you follow the right accounts.

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